Chlorine based general purpose low foam terminal disinfectant.

AMB Hypochlorite is a chlorine based liquid bactericide for use in the food industry as a terminal disinfectant on food preparation and food processing surfaces including holding tanks, pipelines, work surfaces, production utensils and general equipment as well as walls, ceilings, doors, floors and drains etc.

AMB Hypochlorite has been stabilised by careful control of the alkalinity making the product very effective against a wide range of micro-organisms. AMB Hypochlorite is formulated to be low foaming and free rinsing and therefore is suitable for CIP applications. AMB Hypochlorite may also be used in the brewing industry for fermenter vessel cleaning when used as an additive to caustic detergent (CBL 25, CBL 33, CBL 45 or CBL 47) to enhance the overall cleaning performance.

Chemical Blend: Hypochlorite with alkali buffer system.