Here at AMB Hygiene we offer bespoke solutions across a wide range of businesses in a variety of different sectors. Our extensive hygiene expertise, great staff and excellent product range ensures we can adapt our services to suit any sector.

Food Processing

Food processing operations require hygiene programmes that maintain product quality and create operational efficiencies. Our extensive experience in this sector and excellent working relationships with key organisations ensures we meet the demands and challenges of this sector across the UK. We strive to provide the best service possible to ensure our customers can produce high-quality foods in a safe environment whilst maximising their operational efficiency.

Food Processing

Dairy Processing

A high standard of cleaning and sanitising is critical when producing dairy products, our expertise, cleaning programmes, staff and products will ensure that your organisation meets the required hygiene standards by the dairy industry.

Dairy Processing

Beverage and Brewing Industry

Consistency in taste and quality is a major challenge for this industry and having the right hygiene partner is essential to business success. Whatever you produce you can trust our team to implement a fully effective hygiene solution for every step of the process. From production through to filling and dispense our products, systems and expertise offer optimum levels of hygiene and disinfection. We offer a range of sector specific cleaning from fogging to open plant cleaning.


Food Retail

Food retailers are a key part of the food supply chain, this is where the food finally comes into contact with the customer and therefore the risk of germs spreading, and cross-contamination is extremely high. It is imperative to provide a clean shopping environment for customers and staff alike. We provide a wide range of hygiene solutions including full training for staff to ensure the risk of cross-contamination is reduced and all industry required standards are met.

Food Retail

Food Service Industry

Protecting your brand and complying with all required food safety regulations and inspections is key to your business success in this industry. We work with organisations in this sector to ensure all areas of the business are regularly cleaned to a high standard, including preparation areas, service areas along with all employee and customer areas.


Facilities Management

All facilities such as offices, schools or hospitals require effective facilities management. This should cover nearly all the aspects of the business and be part of the strategic planning to achieve the business objectives, increase staff productivity and allow the business to run efficiently. We can work with you to put a facility management plan into place to allow your business to run efficiently in a safe and hygienic environment

Product Supply


Reputation and customer experience are vital to your success in this sector, your customers will expect a high level of cleanliness from the moment they enter your premises. We can work with you to put together a robust hygiene management plan so that you can focus on running an efficient profitable business. Areas of risk which need to be focused on include rubbish disposal methods, cleaning practices and procedures, storage, pest control, equipment maintenance, staff hygiene, general cleaning and high-level cleaning.

Periodic Deep Cleaning

Local Government

We are proud to work with our local councils to provide cleaning and maintenance services. Working within the local community is at the heart of our business and we have many services that we tailor to suit the needs of the work required. Our teams can be on hand 24 hours 7 days a week to provide a flexible and responsive service.

Engineering Solutions

Construction Industry

AMB work within this industry to ensure that construction sites and builds run efficiently and safely. We will work with you to provide a high standard, cost effective cleaning solution. This is essential to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

People in factory wearing protective gear