Ready-to-use ‘spray-wipe’ alcohol-based disinfectant.

Alcosan AM is a ready-to-use spray disinfectant for use on equipment and general food preparation surfaces used in food production and processing. Alcosan AM has been formulated to be QAC-free for use in a wide variety of food contact areas and can be applied to surfaces during mid-shift breaks, without rinsing, to maintain a good hygiene standard until production is restarted again.

Alcosan AM is formulated for direct ‘spray-wipe’ application to surfaces when it is impossible or undesirable to use large amounts of water-based products. E.g. water sensitive areas such as metal detectors and checkweighers etc. Alcosan AM can also be used in high-risk areas to clean up and disinfect conveyors, fillers, or other equipment items after small product spillages.

Chemical Blend Options:

Amphoteric surfactant and propan-2-ol blend.

Amphoteric surfactant and Ethanol.

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