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Periodic ‘Deep Cleaning’

Food Production Areas & Processing Equipment

Our specialist knowledge allows us to develop products and programmes designed to effectively ‘deep clean’ processing lines and equipment and achieve the desired C&S result.

Services provided include:

  • Fryer ‘boil-outs’: continuous & kettle fryers build up carbonised & polymerised oil deposits over time which affects the operating efficiency and so this accumulation needs to be removed effectively to prevent the risk of fire. Outsourcing this particularly difficult & time consuming ‘boil-out’ procedure allows the ‘in-house’ hygiene staff to focus their efforts on other important
  • Processing equipment ‘deep cleaning’: with certain processing lines only ‘shutting down’ infrequently, mainly for engineering maintenance, then our highly experienced teams are capable of working to exacting standards at flexible times thus avoiding unnecessary disruption.
  • Kitchen ‘deep’ cleaning: in commercial kitchens, schools, academies & other local authority premises. We are able to offer an effective & regular cleaning regime to help prolong the working life of expensive catering equipment.
  • Ventilation cleaning: extraction systems not operating efficiently causes oil & grease to build up more rapidly on all surfaces within the extraction system, creating an additional cleaning need. Apart from causing an increased fire risk, this oil & grease build up also causes unpleasant off- odours. Our team is able to inspect the system and provide a planned regular cleaning programme.