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Who We Supply

Our hygiene products, systems and expertise allow our customers to meet their food safety & hygiene needs with programmes to implement the right solution.

Food processing operations expect hygiene programmes that maintain product quality and lead to operational efficiencies.

Products, systems and services include:

  • CIP (Cleaning-in-Place)
  • Open plant cleaning (OPC)
  • Foam cleaning
  • Fryer ‘boil-out’ (FBO)
  • Terminal disinfection
  • Plant cleaning management systems
  • Contract cleaning

C&S is critical when producing all dairy products. Our detergents, sanitisers and disinfectant products, coupled with robust cleaning instructions & hygiene programmes ensure that the necessary exacting standards are consistently met.

Our aim is to:

  • Optimise C&S performance & control costs
  • Provide the necessary ‘hands-on’ technical support & Industry ‘know-how’
  • Offer specific cleaning solutions & systems for product quality improvement
  • Add value in maximising key operational efficiencies

Consistency in taste and quality is the major challenge for the brewing & beverage industry and having the right C&S partner who can offer the right solutions and process support is an important factor for success. From production through to filling and dispense our products, systems and expertise offer optimum levels of hygiene & disinfection.


Every manufacturing operation requires good hygiene practices and our expertise in general C&S, together with best in-use cost solutions through correct product application, ensures we achieve the right results for our customers.

Our hygiene products, systems & knowledge means our customers can increase their quality & safety standards.

Because of our extensive experience of food factory hygiene, safety, compliance & food manufacturing we are in a strong position to deliver site based services to our customers and provide you with effective hygiene solutions and support through internal and 3rd party audits.

AMB Hygiene’s contract cleaning business was formed to specifically meet the needs of the food manufacturing environment, thus allowing our customers to concentrate on producing their food products in a safe and efficient manner. By outsourcing cleaning and hygiene requirements with us this places the responsibility in safe hands, allowing us as the service provider to demonstrate robust, effective and rigorous hygiene solutions to the highest standard.

Creating bespoke solutions

Whether it be responsibility for complete factory hygiene, ‘deep cleaning’ of processing lines and equipment or ‘one-off’ periodic maintenance work such as high level or evaporative chiller cleaning we’ll first discuss your exact needs. Then we will design and deliver a solution to meet the requirement. From the moment you select our solution, our teams will concentrate on the job in hand, so that you can focus on your responsibilities.

Depending on your requirements we can provide:

  • Food Factory Hygiene
  • Maintenance Cleaning of Offices & Commercial Premises
  • Periodic ‘Deep Cleaning’
  • Periodic Environmental Cleaning’

Professional Outsourcing Specialists

Meeting customer demands - our existing customer base offers us the important interface with the major food retailer’s hygiene systems and auditors. We know the hygiene standards they are looking for us to deliver.

  • Good Manufacturing Practice - built on our extensive knowledge & ‘hands-on’ experience managing various food manufacturing sites, we know and understand food production.
  • BRC audit compliance - BRC auditors consider our systems and support services to be fully compliant.
  • Product Quality - where there are microbiological issues or quality concerns we work closely with our clients technical staff and exchange audit findings and hygiene solutions.
  • Risk Assessments, Safe Working Methods & Cleaning Instructions - we provide fully documented hygiene manuals which apart from including all necessary cleaning instruction cards (CICs), also includes reporting and training.
Service benefits:
  • Dedicated hygiene management - allowing you to focus on production demands.
  • Assured standards - with agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Implementation team - to ensure smooth transition from existing to new systems.
  • Hygiene manuals - ensuring full site compliance.
  • Latest technology - products, equipment & systems to maximise productivity.
  • Technical support – including audits & troubleshooting to resolve quality issues.
  • TUPE transfer - to retain the skills & experience of existing staff.

Offices & Commercial Premises

By engaging with a specialist who uses professional equipment & chemical products you avoid the risks of your own staff handling aggressive and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Services provided depending on your requirements:

  • Daily office cleaning (DOC): including curtain, blind, carpet & upholstery cleaning. Our cleaning services makes sure that every area of your premises is tidy & hygienic.
  • External building cleaning: including roof maintenance, clearing drains & gutters, window cleaning and brickwork renovation. Our experts undertake all cleaning tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Food Production Areas & Processing Equipment

Our specialist knowledge allows us to develop products and programmes designed to effectively ‘deep clean’ processing lines and equipment and achieve the desired C&S result.

Services provided include:

  • Fryer ‘boil-outs’: continuous & kettle fryers build up carbonised & polymerised oil deposits over time which affects the operating efficiency and so this accumulation needs to be removed effectively to prevent the risk of fire. Outsourcing this particularly difficult & time consuming ‘boil-out’ procedure allows the ‘in-house’ hygiene staff to focus their efforts on other important process equipment cleaning tasks.
  • Processing equipment ‘deep cleaning’: with certain processing lines only ‘shutting down’ infrequently, mainly for engineering maintenance, then our highly experienced teams are capable of working to exacting standards at flexible times thus avoiding unnecessary disruption.
  • Kitchen ‘deep’ cleaning: in commercial kitchens, schools, academies & other local authority premises. We are able to offer an effective & regular cleaning regime to help prolong the working life of expensive catering equipment.
  • Ventilation cleaning: extraction systems not operating efficiently causes oil & grease to build up more rapidly on all surfaces within the extraction system, creating an additional cleaning need. Apart from causing an increased fire risk, this oil & grease build up also causes unpleasant off- odours. Our team is able to inspect the system and provide a planned regular cleaning programme.

Food Production Building Structures

Building structures fabric & environments all require some form of periodic cleaning either for aesthetic or safety reasons. Our products and programmes clean from floor to ceiling and we use specialist access equipment and trained staff to undertake this work safely and to the highest hygiene standard.

We can offer the following bespoke services:

  • To undertake periodic cleaning work safely and efficiently with the minimum fuss, allowing your operation to remain compliant with internal or 3rd party audits.
  • The cleaning of overhead structures to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the working environment e.g. ventilation ducting, pipework & supports, air lines and electrical cable trays, etc.
  • Routine evaporative chiller unit cleaning and maintenance which utilises AMB’s Chiller Unit Cleaning & Hygiene Programme to ensure hygienic security.