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Specialty Products


Fruit Wash Sanitiser

Designed as a low foam sanitiser for fruit washing operations but can also be used as a terminal disinfectant.

Flume San

Low foam sanitiser for flumes & other recirculated water processing operations.

Chiller Guard

Blend of highly effective biocide & surfactants to control soil & bacterial contamination in evaporative chiller units.

Antifoam FG

Concentrated water dispersible silicone based emulsion.


Combined general maintenance & vehicle exterior cleaner.

Micro Breweries

AMB Liquor Treatment

Formulated blend of liquid acids to reduce the alkalinity of the brewing liquor & add desirable chloride and sulphate ions.

AMB Liquor Treatment Powder

Formulated blend of powdered salts to increase the mineral content of the brewing liquor

Water Treatment

Sodium Chlorite (7.5%)

Pre-cursor-1 of a 2-chemical system to produce chlorine dioxide.

Hydrochloric Acid (9.0%)

Pre-cursor-2 of a 2-chemical system to produce chlorine dioxide.