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General Cleaning

Every manufacturing operation requires good hygiene practices and our expertise in general C&S, together with best in-use cost solutions through correct product application, ensures we achieve the right results for our customers.

Our hygiene products, systems & knowledge means our customers can increase their quality & safety standards.

Offices & Commercial Premises

By engaging with a specialist who uses professional equipment & chemical products you avoid the risks of your own staff handling aggressive and potentially hazardous chemicals.

Services provided depending on your requirements:

  • Daily office cleaning (DOC): including curtain, blind, carpet & upholstery cleaning. Our cleaning services makes sure that every area of your premises is tidy & hygienic.
  • External building cleaning: including roof maintenance, clearing drains & gutters, window cleaning and brickwork renovation. Our experts undertake all cleaning tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

Because of our extensive experience of food factory hygiene, safety, compliance & food manufacturing we are in a strong position to deliver site based services to our customers and provide you with effective hygiene solutions and support through internal and 3rd party audits.

AMB Hygiene's contract cleaning business was formed to specifically meet the needs of the food manufacturing environment, thus allowing our customers to concentrate on producing their food products in a safe and efficient manner. By outsourcing cleaning and hygiene requirements with us this places the responsibility in safe hands, allowing us as the service provider to demonstrate robust, effective and rigorous hygiene solutions to the highest standard.

Creating bespoke solutions

Whether it be responsibility for complete factory hygiene, 'deep cleaning' of processing lines and equipment or 'one-off' periodic maintenance work such as high level or evaporative chiller cleaning we'll first discuss your exact needs. Then we will design and deliver a solution to meet the requirement. From the moment you select our solution, our teams will concentrate on the job in hand, so that you can focus on your responsibilities.

Depending on your requirements we can provide:

  • Food Factory Hygiene
  • Maintenance Cleaning of Offices & Commercial Premises
  • Periodic ‘Deep Cleaning’
  • Periodic Environmental Cleaning’